For starters…

Bruno Migliari - baixo acústico (instagram)

Well, I finally got around to setting up a decent website. A place where I could collect relevant content and essencial information about… we’ll, let’s be honest: it’s all about me and what I do. No surprises here, one has to do for himself and not vegetate in expectation of someone else doing it for him, right?

In that DIY spirit, I went off and bought a WordPress package, followed marketing and music career management advices from Jacques Figueras (french bass-player-turned- career-management-guru living in Brazil 🙃), did some research on my peers’ websites and came up with this you’ve just accessed.

Why did I deviate from my practicing routine to do that? Who (other than my parents, relatives and close friends – hopefully! 😅) will in fact be interested in the activities of a bassist from Rio de Janeiro?

Well, I’m hoping some people will… Honestly, I’m in search of a musical niche, a deeper connection with my peers (be them bassists, musicians and music-business people in general), new bass students and a new roaster of artists and producers to collaborate with.

For these are dire times, and we need to keep on groovin’ …💃🏾

So if you got this far to the BLOG page (the latest entry on the far right of the site menu!), a heart-felt thank you is in order. That and a complimentary mp3, if you joined my mailing list. If you didn’t sign up yet, do that before leaving: “Totorello” is one of my favorite self-penned compositions…

Bass regards,



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