Need Bass Tracks?


Need Bass tracks? Look no further!

For those of you who might be interested in recording remotely with me, I now offer my “bass for hire” services through  AirGigs – a very reliable platform that enables musicians, producers and artist to collaborate by recording remotely. I have worked in this fashion for The Voice Brasil TV show and for artists from all over the globe, such as Avi Wisnia (USA), Q.Montana (Kenya), Silvia Nicolatto (Brazil), Elsa Chapman (England), Joani Taylor (Canada), Lukas Chester Harlan (Italia), to name a few.

So if you need bass tracks (electric bass. fretless bass, acoustic double bass, electric upright bass, synth bass – any bass, really!), just click on the link above and get in touch. Prices are surprisingly “musician-friendly” and the results have been great!

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